I am so $orry!!!

So if you are living in India you would know that right now the two topics that are on every person’s tongue- Padmaavat, obviously and CBSE class X and XII board exams. And since my luck and fortune have gone to the Bahamas for a vacation, they have left their opposites to take care of me. So here I am writing this post. I am sorry that from now on, until march, I won’t be able to post much and I won’t be active on my blog.

Believe me, I have so many rants and reviews to post, but we students are right now, only allowed to eat, breathe and study. I can’t blame anyone, it is a phase almost every person has gone through and I am no exception. There is a chance almost as big as a sparrow’s egg that I might be able to post something in the ending week of feb. so…yea….

Thanks for understanding and like I promised, I have loads to rant about and tones of books to read and most importantly I will have almost an entire month for myself after my finals.

So… wish me luck…

All the best to all my fellow 10th graders and my senpais in 12th.


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