4TH RANT+100 FOLLOWERS!+request?

Before we get down to the post, I would like to address something gravely important to me. It is just that…………..our crew now has 100 followers!! YOOOHOOO!! *THROWS CONFETTI AROUND* can u believe it? 100 people have read my content and are following me now!! I am so happy and this was especially big news to me after a really exhausting day. SO IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY REQUESTS, ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ME AND MY BLOG AND EVEN ANY ADVICE FOR ME, I WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO KNOW THEM^^

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Yes. My coaching for competitive exams have started and MAN! They are so tiring. Everything is done at such a fast pace and let’s just hope I won’t regret taking up this field. My first day at my coaching centre was so frrking weird and awkward.

So what I am going to rant about today is…*clears throat* The EDUCATION SYSTEM or SCHOOL. Let me first make it perfectly clear that this is wholly and entirely my opinion and as citizen of this country I have all rights to express my views and scrunch my nose at things I don’t like. Also this from the POV of a student studying in India

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If someone, of this or the previous generation, says that life of a student is easy, YOU ARE WRONG. I REPEAT, YOU ARE WRONG! I have heard so many elders say to me “ Aww..you are just a student! You don’t know anything about pressures of life” oh really?? COME AND SIT WITH ME IN MY SCHOOL AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE.

In the last two years of my schooling, I came to hate the environment I was in. At a point of time, I didn’t like anything that was happening. I think the whole idea of 50 students sitting in a classroom and listening to a human being, sometimes simply overqualified, is weird. It is very unusual. Each with a different personality, different talents and different opinions. Let me remind you, not all of these are welcomed because apparently we have a ‘LOT OF PORTION TO FINISH’ and ‘LOTS OF EXAMS TO PASS’

In our present system of so called education, marks are everything. Literally. I can give a live example of a girl from my class. She is a national level gold medalist in Art- drawing and painting. Her works mesmerize people and I have bought a painting of hers from an exhibition. But, she shines only for a day. The day she brings her painting to school and shows to her friends. Somehow, all the news reaches the teachers and the entire day we are in awe of her skills. But all of this talent disappears quite quickly when she scores 2 marks less in the next class test. She is a victim of humiliation right in front of everyone. She has faced insults saying-“art won’t get you anywhere” “there is more to your future than just painting and drawing” “don’t waste your ink on stupid cartoons” I can’t even imagine what it feels like. Oho! She is not the only one! I can give you countless examples of such people.

Now, let me bring into the picture the topper. Some of you reading this might think that I am writing this out of jealousy and envy that I don’t get marks. Well, you are wrong. I don’t give a shit about a person’s marks or even mine because a few numbers never had and never will, have the right to decide a person’s character or talent. Because, all we do is mug up. we by-heart answers, we spit them out. We forget about them after a period of time. Some have good memory so they score well, some score badly because of poor memory. Coming back to the topper, she is loved and envied by all. No matter how sick her character is. Nothing’s wrong with that. if she has worked hard, she deserves it. But things get bad, when a slow learner is compared to the one scoring well. It is a common phrase we students hear from teachers-“ god gave all of you the same brain. It depends on you whether you use it like WYLAN (topper) or JESPER ( a person talented in a different field)” <I love you WY AND JES> what the hell does that mean? This one phrase is so absurd and vague that I can’t even think of an example to give.

Right now the trend in Indian education, specifically in southern India, is that of DOCTORS AND ENGINEERS. Let me quote a line from one my all time favorite movie 3 IDIOTS ‘ladka hua tho engineer, ladki huyi tho doctor!’ (TRANS: if it’s a boy {the character gives birth to} then he is going to be an engineer, if it’s a girl then she is a doctor!) The fact that a child’s future is decided even before she/he has taken birth is just ridiculous! If you want to read more of how this trend works, click here. Like it or not you are pushed into the science and maths streams. Of course, there are people who lose interest after joining.

There are a lot more things I want to talk about and will in the upcoming posts.

If you are not convinced, India produces 1.5 million engineers every year yet majority of them unemployed and we have not received a single Nobel prize in science since independence. Something is wrong..

Well, this post did not exactly turn out the way I wanted it to be but you guys get point right?

If you didn’t get the point, tell me in the comments and I will explain it to you or post the same thing in better detail.

Also if you want to get into more detail or the seriousness of this problem, you can watch various videos on YouTube and you can even watch BOLLYWOOD MOVIES LIKE 3 IDIOTS and TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. BOTH DIRECTED BY RAJKUMAR HIRANI.

Thanks again peeps!<3




Name of the book: CROOKED KINGDOM

Name of the author: LEIGH BARDUGO


Price: RS.499/£7.99

ISBN: 978-1-78062-231-6


I don’t own this pic. Credits to the owner


Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off the most daring heist imaginable. But instead of divvying of fat reward, they are fighting for their lives. As old enemies and new rivals descend on the city, a war will be waged in the streets- a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the future of magic


It’s been 24 hours since I finished this book and I am not even breathing. I was dying to read it after I finished six of crows, but I told myself that patience is virtue and hell yeah it is. This book..i don’t know what to say..it is a piece of gold..there is nothing wrong with this book. Nothing at all. One just cannot find any mistakes. Every word, every line fits in perfectly. Every plot of KAZ BREKKER is framed perfectly but luck is not always in your favor. I was screaming like a lunatic while I was reading this book.

First, I would like to talk about the characters. A normal human being cannot write something like this. The personalities, the character’s flaws, the hidden emotions, it had me in tears. The book gives us a deeper insight into the lives of each one of them. You cannot simply move on to the next book after reading this.

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Second, an important feature of every book for that matter, is the writing style. It is the best. So beautifully written, without any doubt, and a clear expression of the situation, emotion or even a small description.

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Third, the plot twists. Can we take a moment and appreciate this lady’s criminal mind and how she comes up with these gorgeous tricks and turns? Like seriously man, I was just amazed. I couldn’t keep the book down even once. I sat until 2 in the morning reading this and I slept only because my mum was bit grumpy about my sleep schedule..and the next I was on the book again and I didn’t even have my breakfast. I don’t regret it though.

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Fourth, the part my hands were itching to write about- the relationships and the light hearted humor. It only makes the book even better. My favorite couple is NINA AND MATTHIAS. The playful and flirty nature of Nina blends in so perfectly with an uptight but equally loving Matthias. Same goes with WYLAN AND JESPER. Also the bandage scene of KAZ AND INEJ was just!…was just!!…was just!! It evaporated my soul and I still don’t know how to condense it back.

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**spoiler** I need to vent this out. I was angry and heartbroken. Why did Matthias die?? Why?? Come on author-nim! You could have gone ahead with the story without killing one of them! Why did you do that??( cries a river) they survived until the end, only when things were getting better both for him and NINA.. I feel much better **end of spoiler**

Not to forget the excellent quotes!

This book is highly recommended to all of you. But make sure to read the first book, SIX OF CROWS, to understand this one.

Thanks for reading my review and yea….


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After an entire month of lesson-cramming, page-turning, head-scratching, tantrum-throwing and poopy answer writing, I am back. Yes. I can’t believe I made it out alive. I have to agree, there wasn’t much pressure on me this time and I just took things at my own pace this entire month, but when your surroundings scream EXAM, it hard to maintain one’s calm and go about without feeling nervous.

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All of this exam drama got even worse when there were news flashes saying class 10 students will have to give a re-exam because a bunch of idiots, in some godforsaken corner of the country leaked the Maths paper. Can you imagine that? Giving an exam once itself, was dreadful, but a second time? And Maths!? All of us were horrorstruck at first, but after a lot of debate and protests and what not, a decision was taken that we need not write a re-exam and even if there is one, it is only for the students in Delhi and Haryana -north India. I live in the south, so saved (phew).

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So now I have a lot of time to do whatever I want,and of course, like I promised there will be more reviews, rants and random posts. I was not allowed near my bookshelf for any entire month *ugly sobs* but I am back to take my revenge.

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hell yeah

I will slowly check out all the posts in my reader and present my opinions (if I want to). Oho! I will also answer all the questions I have received through awards and tags soon enough so keep track. Thank you so much to all you people who nominated me. You guys were my rays of sunshine during these dark ages.*bows down*

Gosh..it feels so weird right now.. I am posting after a long time..anyway…summary of this post- I AM ALIVE AND WILL BE BACK IN ACTION.


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seriously tho



PS: I turned 16 recently..


I am so $orry!!!

So if you are living in India you would know that right now the two topics that are on every person’s tongue- Padmaavat, obviously and CBSE class X and XII board exams. And since my luck and fortune have gone to the Bahamas for a vacation, they have left their opposites to take care of me. So here I am writing this post. I am sorry that from now on, until march, I won’t be able to post much and I won’t be active on my blog.

Believe me, I have so many rants and reviews to post, but we students are right now, only allowed to eat, breathe and study. I can’t blame anyone, it is a phase almost every person has gone through and I am no exception. There is a chance almost as big as a sparrow’s egg that I might be able to post something in the ending week of feb. so…yea….

Thanks for understanding and like I promised, I have loads to rant about and tones of books to read and most importantly I will have almost an entire month for myself after my finals.

So… wish me luck…

All the best to all my fellow 10th graders and my senpais in 12th.


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2nd blogging award nomination^^

Well… I am finally done with my exams…But don’t worry. I have another set coming up in 10 days so yea… my life sucks..


Amidst all this hype that made me upset and irritated, there was an angel like post made by lifestoriesbychristin who nominated me for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! THANK YOU SO MUCH and you made me so happy! Her posts are really beautiful and personally I think she has a very pleasing way of writing, so don’t forget to drop by at hers^^


Rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated me for this.
  2. Answer the questions that has been mentioned in the post.
  3. Post my set of questions for my nominees to answer.
  4. Nominate users for the Sunshine Blogger Award


Here we go:

We all want to do a lot of things but there is a part of us, that enjoys doing selfless things above all. So what was the one of the most selfless thing you did?

Honestly speaking, until now I have not done anything great and a truly selfless action that is worth a mention in this post. Except for the small deeds to help other’s there is nothing much. But I am sure at least once in my life, there will be a situation where a person may need me the most and I won’t back out from helping that person even if it’s the last thing to do.

When did you realize that you should to do something for society not only yourself?

I think it is because of my mom that I realized that it also my duty to make this world a better place and become a person that others can count upon, in times of need.

And what did you decide to do?

First, bring myself to such a position where I can always help others


And my nominees are:

My questions:

  1. Where do you get your inspiration from while writing a blog post?
  2.  What is the most amazing book you have read that changed your perspective about various things and what do you want to say about it to others?
  3. Name  a few places you would like to go to atleast once in your lifetime.

You can also comment your answers to me. If you are not interested in taking part, that is completely alright!

Also, our crew has grown larger and is now 70! Thank you!



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6th review(The Alchemist)

Nothing much to rant at the beginning…..so let’s just get into the review…

Name of the book: The Alchemist

Name of the author: Paulo Coelho

Publisher: Thorson

Price: Rs.300 (hardcover, Traveller edition)

A pic:

Before starting, REMEMBER this is my OPINION!

Everything in this book was as gentle as a feather. I couldn’t drop the book even once. Every interaction in this book was written thoughtfully and with utmost care! Every line spoken by the alchemist was deep and meaningful. It is easy to understand language wise. The book is very short and can be finished easily within no time

Ok, I accept the fact that I might be a bit too young to understand all the soul of the world thingy, but yeah, I got the gist of it. I actually avoided this book thinking that it was too philosophical and not my thing, but boi I was wrong. There was a quintessential flow of story. Every character introduced in the book is full experience in various, be it life or love and even envy or sadness for that matter.

And yes! The most extraordinary prologue award goes to the Alchemist! It is the best short tale I have ever read in recent times, which is full of values.

I was at such peace after finishing the book. There is so much to write but then it is hard for me right now…

My favorite character has got to be the Alchemist! Such an intelligent man, filled with wise thoughts. Just imagine meeting a person like that in real life. I was in awe throughout the book. Every line spoken by him just makes me speechless and I feel doing something at that moment. To work hard, to flow my destiny.

Even this book was read in secret. Luckily I didn’t get caught even once. I had an exam next day but meh….who cares?

I have heard many people say that the book is bad and I have seen many reviews pretty much like that. But I liked the book a lot. It was change for me. Maybe you will like it. Maybe you won’t.So even then, I am recommending each and every individual who haven’t read it yet, to GO and grab the book now. And people who have read it, I would love it if you would share your thoughts with me!

Favorite lines: The entire prologue and every line in the book for that matter.

After reading this book one thing that I understood is that, there is still a lot for me to know, to read and loads to learn.^^


Image result for 4 stars


P.S: If you have read the book, you will understand the illustrations. If you have not, read it to understand them^^

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5th review( THE LAST CHILD)

Name of the book: The Last Child

Name of the author: John Hart

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Price: Rs.550/£8.99

ISBN: 978-0-719-52221-5

A snap


Since his twin sister’s abduction, Johnny Merrimon’s world has fallen apart. His father has disapperead and his fragile mother has spiralled into deep despair.

Johnny keeps strong. Armed with a map, a bike and a flashlight he stalks bad men. The police may have given up on Alyssa but he never will.

Only one person looks out for Johnny. Detective Clyde hunt shares his obsession with the case. But when Johnny witnesses a hit and run and insists that the victim was killed because he’d found Alyssa, even Hunt thinks he’s lost it.

And then another young girl goes missing…….

Review: I had such an adventure with this book. I had to read it secretly because my exams are going on and well… I was given permission only to eat, breathe and study. Even though my mum caught me reading it twice and hid it in her locker, I had to finish it and successfully I did (without waging a big war, that is….). The first book in 2018.

It is a crime/mystery/thriller. It was strongly advised to me by my friend so I read it. I did not have any expectations at the beginning, but my goodness, the plot only got better and better. Believe me when I say that the last few chapters are spine tingling (atleast for me). The plot is excellently framed. The ending was unexpected!! I have no intention of giving out any spoiler.

But sadly, there were a few points in the book that I couldn’t bear…

1. SWEARING. I hate it when characters in a book swear a lot. It icks me off. It was not that excessive, but at some points I didn’t feel like reading any further.

2. MESSED UP KIDS: I didn’t like this part at all. Kids, 13 years old, driving cars and jeeps? Ok accepted. Fighting and swearing? Fine, go ahead. But Beer? Smoking?? and wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Candy is dandy, but sex won’t rot your teeth???!’. I think the author went a bit overboard…

Keeping aside what I didn’t like, the book’s not bad. Descriptive skill of John Hart is beautiful. I could portray every scene in my mind.

Of course, the excellent plot twist. It literally had me screaming.!! Subtle hints were left from the beginning as in any mystery novel, that came together as a majestic, solved puzzle in the end.

Every alternate chapter in the book is from Johnny’s perspective.

Character I liked the most: It is Johnny(obvio)!! Oh my gosh….even though messed up…he is so brave and straight forward. He is one nasty guy you don’t wanna mess with!

But I am not recommending this book to anyone. Read it if you want to. If you can’t take in a bit of blood, gunshots and abuse…well…idk..it’s better if you don’t read.



Ps: I like the memes^^

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First blogging award nomination!!

Omg! I was literally running around the house like a headless chicken when I saw a comment saying I was nominated for LIEBSTER AWARD. I was nominated by this wonderful blogger Theobssesedgirl. Her posts are quality content. Don’t forget to check them out!! Again, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR NOMINATING ME!😘😁

My first new year present!

( my reaction when I saw my nomination. Thank you yixing.)

Well, for the peeps who don’t know what it is, the rules go like this:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated your blog.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Nominate other new bloggers to encourage them.
  4. Ask them 11 questions
  5. Let them know you have nominated them.

Let’s get to the Q/A part now:

1. Which is your favourite blog?                 

 A. Now the first question itself is really difficult! I have lots of favourite bloggers bcs I enjoy reading variety of contents from poems to stories and rants to reviews. To name one, it would be The wanderer’s notebook. Her poems touch my heart.

2. What was the last movie you saw?

 A. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at home and NEWTON(a bollywood movie) at the theaters.

3. Can you show us what your phone wallpaper is?                                                     

A. It is the default samsung wallpaper. I am too lazy to search for a good one and change it. Not that I don’t like it. Laziness is a way of life.

4.  What is one weird thing you have done?                                                                   

 A. I,once, cleaned the floor and turned it into a spotless surface. Immediately I took some juice, spilled it on the floor and started cleaning it again. At that time, an odd satisfaction spread over me. For me,it was quite weird       

5. Do you see yourself still blogging 10 years later?                                                       

 A. Yes I do! One way to release all my stress, anger and even happiness about various things is by blogging. I feel it is one heck of a platform to express views and opinions!

6. What is your dream job?                           

 A. I guess it’s becoming a doc. It is a ‘dream’ job though. I am not quite sure.🤔

7. Do you have any pets?                             

   A. No. None at all. I am not on good terms with animals you see….

8. What’s something you always wanted to but never had a chance to?                   

   A. They are tons of things like that! For instance, SKYDIVING.

9. Describe your surroundings and how you are feeling right now.     

A. I am a little late while writing this so… I am in my room, which is quite messy, feeling serene as I just woke up.

10. Romance or comedy movies?         

A. Is ROMCOM an option?😅

11. Classic or new?       

A. 210% classic!

Ok. My nominations for this award are..*drumrolls please*


Here are my questions.

  1. What genre of music do you listen to?
  2. Do you have any special talents?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. Have you ever visited a zoo? If yes, what was the experience like?
  5. Are you a bookworm?
  6. A few movies you would recommend to people
  7. Into science or literature?
  8. Favorite actor and actress?
  9. An article that moved you
  10. Would you prefer a laptop or a cell phone?
  11. Do you like travelling?

Guys check your spam boxes too. You might find my comment there.

That’s it. Thank you so much again!

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New year…or something like that….

Ok. I know its new year and I am very late(not sorry at all) and everyone around me is super excited about how its 2018 and blah. But I am a disappointment in this matter. Because I am not hyped up about 18. I can say I have the super power of predicting future. I am telling you it is just going to be another crappy year surrounded by crappy people. My new year’s eve was quite anticlimatic as all I did was lock myself in the bedroom, listen to music, read articles and fangirl seeing KAZ-INEJ fanarts while my friends out there were cutting cakes, spilling juice and updating their statuses with emo quotes about how they want to thank every person and life itself for its lessons.

( so accurate )

(Dry humour)

You might be wondering if I have anything to look forward to. well yeah.

1. Reading and good books: One fact I am not able to accept is that I won’t have enough time to read this year( due to various reasons.) This thought is eating me away. But even then, I will stay positive and read as many books I can this year even if it means sacrificing my non existing social life(pray for me pls😣)

2. Gifts: yeah, I might sound like a moron but throughout 2017 I have left subtle hints here and there and literally everywhere and near everyone that if they are going to gift me on any occasion it’s got to be a book. And nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. Give me something like a keychain, a frkking photoframe, shades- forgive me but within a day they will be in the trash can.

3.Leaving school. I can’t exactly say I am looking forward to leaving school because I am just going to another hell hole anyway. But still. A new environmet better than a dank one.

Things I am not looking forward to? TONS.

• Exams

• leaving my buddies

• Parties, functions

• Exams…..

There are a lot but it will take a whole day so don’t bother.

Coming to every new year’s hot topic- resolutions. Again there is always that bunch out there rodomontading about how their resolutions are so cool and intelligent and how these will benefit them and how they will become even more healthier, wealthier or whatever they want to. Boring, but just for the sake of it, my resolution is to drink more water which I won’t stick to, so what’s the use in the end anyway.

( me )


I can assure all my readers that even though I won’t post much in these two months as my finals are coming up, you can look forward to more reviews on books (even movies maybe) and rants on all kinds of things in the rest of the year. Thank you to all my followers for joining me on this wonderful journey of blogging and our crew is now a whoppin 50! New crewmates are always welcome aboard^^

You DOo0ds are the best!

Also, can I get some book recommendations? Apart from what I usually read , I would love to check out something new or unheard of. Comment below!


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The 4th review( Six of Crows )

Recently I had a very stimulating conversation with certain someone and my entire week turned out to be quite good. Except for the part where I got back my marks for the mid-term exams. But let’s not talk about that. During this conversation, I learned that this ‘someone’ is an avid reader and she even sent me a book review. The review was very well written and had a particular format that I’ve observed; a few other reviewers also follow. So this review too will be written in that format. In the end if people like it, I will continue this format or I will go back to my previous style of writing.

Name of the book: SIX OF CROWS

Name of the author: LEIGH BARDUGO

Publisher: INDIGO

Price: RS.499/£7.99

ISBN: 978-1-78062-228-6



Summary: Kaz needs a crew desperate enough to take on this suicide mission and dangerous enough to get the job done- and he knows exactly who: six deadliest outcasts the city has to offer. Together they might just be unstoppable- if they don’t kill each other first.

REVIEW: My money has been spent quite well. This book is an absolute miracle. Six of crows has got to be the best book I have read in 2017. The author portrays a heist with 6 lead characters. Each chapter is explained from a different person’s perspective. A beautifully crafted work that had me mesmerized until the end. The character development is just excellent. I possibly couldn’t find anything wrong with the story or the characters. The plot is incredible. I am surprised it has not been made into a movie or series yet. Each one of the characters has their own way of dealing with situations, their own broken pasts and their own likes and dislikes. But when all of them come together they become invincible. This book also has some great quotes. KAZ AND INEJ have to be the coolest characters. I have never seen or read about anyone like them. While reading the book I felt like I was a part of the DREGS. And of course, the thing I liked the most in the book was the way the author gave the description of the ICE COURT. I also love the manner in which everything does not go according to their plan and how we have surprises in every other page. I have become a KAZ-INEJ SHIPPER after the book. The light hearted comedy also fits in very well. Overall, the book  teleported me to another world. A world full of adventure, thrills and tricks- all of these laid down BRICK BY BRICK. I highly recommend this book to all the adventure and magic world cravers and any book lover for that matter.

Favourite lines: 1.No mourners, No funerals. 2. I am going to get my money, Kaz vowed. And I am going to get my girl. 3. When everyone knows you are a monster. You needn’t waste time by doing every monstrous thing….

Final rating: Image result for 4.5 stars